Post Malone recently fell onstage and required medical treatment. Tim McGraw, on the other hand, can relax knowing that if he falls, his supporters and security will be there to rescue him. Tim recently fell off the stage, yet he emerged unharmed.

TMZ reports that Tim was performing in Tempe, Arizona when it happened. He moved to the end of the stage, kneeled, and turned his back on the crowd. The country singer lost his balance as he got down on one knee and fell.

It appeared to be a 6-foot fall at most. However, Tim miraculously escaped completely uninjured owing to his security, a fan or two, and his own athleticism. He used the fall to meet some of his followers up close and personal.

Tim has to admit that this was a far more pleasant and friendly fan engagement than the one he had with a handsy woman a few years ago. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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Shivangini Rawat

Shivangini is a law student with a passion for writing and music. She writes for Thirstyfornews and enjoys cooking, baking, and playing various instruments. In her free time, she watches movies, TV shows, and anime, with a love for bands like Alcest and Scorpions.

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