WWE Hall Of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin is regarded as one of the best pro wrestlers to have ever competed inside the squared circle. His rivalry with The Rock is still talked about to this day. Steve Austin recently said that The Rock was the best talker throughout the attitude era.

Stone Cold Steve Austin recently appeared on the “First We Feast” YouTube channel to talk about a variety of pro wrestling-related subjects. The Rattlesnake also revealed that The Rock, a longtime rival, was the best talker during the height of the Attitude Era.

You cannot overlook The Rock. When he first arrived on the scene, he was this good-looking, third-generation babyface and people just didn’t take to him. They’d say, ‘Die Rocky Die! Die Rocky Die! He started wearing the silk shirts and he started referring to himself in third person and working that eyebrow. And he electrified and captivated crowds with his catchphrases, his cadence and his delivery, and his message and calling everybody ‘jabroni. He commanded the audience’s respect, attention and elicited the response that he was looking for from them.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts received plaudits from the former multiple-time world champion for having a presence unmatched in wrestling history. “Once Jake got in the ring, he commanded your respect. He had this presence about him, and he’s one of the most economic, efficient workers out there, where he didn’t do a whole lot, but everything he did meant something, and he was always working for that DDT.”

The Rock and Steve Austin were in the main event of multiple pay-per-view events including WrestleMania and set new attendance and pay-per-view buy-rate records. Many fans believe that The Rock’s greatest opponent is Austin and vice versa. Check out the full interview below.

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