Eminem is undisputedly Hip-Hop’s finest, which put his daughter, Hailie, in the limelight. Hailie did not like to be in the shadow of his fame. She has now explained why questions about their relationship bothered her.

A recent “Ask Me Anything” edition of Hailie Jade’s podcast was hosted by her. She shouldn’t, however, be only asked about her dad. In response to inquiries concerning the “Slim Shady” artist, Hailie discussed how it feels to have concerns just about her father, reported E! News.

On her Just a Little Shady podcast on September 16, Hailie was asked if it bothered her when people probed about her father. As she stated, “The best way to say this is yes and no… Honestly, it’s to a point. ” She did note that maintaining a balance is necessary when growing up in the spotlight.

The 26-year-old said she is more than just Eminem’s daughter and that people should know that. Hailie explained how the intrigue around her father affected her life. She answered the query with, “I’m like, ‘I’m a person too.'”

“So, it becomes tricky because I get it. But then, to a certain extent, I’m not going to speak on behalf of anyone. I’m not going to answer stuff that I don’t specifically have the answers to.”

Hailie would get more bothered by the Eminem questions. She was tired of hearing the same thing saying, “like, ‘Why do people care?” Though some questions have been OK to answer, Hailie noted that others would cross a line. She would just move on from the similar array of questions being frustrated.

“I feel like growing up when it would happen, I would get more bothered by it because I was like, ‘Why do people care? I was young and I didn’t totally understand the situation so I was like, that’s my dad. I don’t ask you about your dad.”

Being a celeb kid must be one of the most jarring things in life. Even at that, being Eminem’s daughter would bring in a lot of unwanted attention. Apparently, Hailie never seemed to enjoy much of her dad’s limelight.

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