Cardi B makes a lot of headlines because fans are always obsessed with her life. The rapper recently proved that she didn’t admit to being guilty over the strip club incident after she also took a plea deal.

The rapper is subject to a lot of discussion on social media. Many fans think that Cardi B is interested in black magic, and often uses it to get her way. However, she set the record straight in a recent Instagram Live session.

Cardi says that she doesn’t mess around with it, and nor is it something she needs. On the contrary, she prays to God and is against wishing for the downfall of her enemies. She says that we can’t ask God to punish those who are against us, because they’re God’s children too.

It has been a rumor out there that I do f**king black magic. No, I don’t play that shit. I don’t need that shit. My destiny is my destiny. Your destiny is yours. I don’t need to do anything to nobody. You know it’s so crazy, when I pray to God, and I feel like, so many people, so many enemies, are just tryna disturb me tryna drive me nuts, I don’t tell God to punish them. You wanna know why? You can’t tell God to punish their own kids. Cuz you feel like somebody’s f**ked up and doing grimy things to you, you can’t ask God to punish them. Cuz you can’t ask God to do something bad to their children.

The artist recently had the unreleased verse from her new track surface. Hillary Clinton listened to her hit track WAP because her daughter Chelsea Clinton recommended it to her. Cardi B is successful in the world of music, and made it clear that it’s all because of the work she’s put in.

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