Kofi Kingston is the first and currently only African-born WWE World Champion. His WWE Championship victory also crowned him WWE’s 30th Triple Crown Champion and 20th Grand Slam Champion overall (13th under the current format). Now, the WWE champion is pleading with Marvel executives to cast him in Black Panther.

WWE superstar Kofi Kingston told TMZ Sports that he can’t wait to be a part of the upcoming “Black Panther” TV series. “I already fit the mold,” he said. “I was born in the Mother Land, you know what I’m saying? Put your boy on the show!”

The comic book and superhero conversation arose after Kofi surprised the audience with a Thor hammer during a match earlier this month. The 14-time WWE tag team champion showcased it before beating his opponent with it. The audience exploded in applause.

The moment was amazing, and Kofi stated that he is desperate to replicate it on a future Marvel project. “Look, man, there’s a lot of us that are Marvel fans,” Kofi said, “myself, Woods and E, your boys, The New Day, would love to be in a Marvel movie.”

We put things out into the universe and then we pray for the most positive. It’s all about putting yourself out there.

The new Wakanda series reportedly began development last year. It’s unclear whether Kofi can still get a position. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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