Kanye West has established himself as a true businessman and an artist in the eyes of many of his fans. However, West has once more deleted everything from his Instagram profile, but he posted a new story on Sunday.

The rapper delivered a somber message in which he appeared to compare himself to Moses from the Bible. Also, he appeared to suggest that others close to him were worried about his lack of sleep. Similar to many of his recent posts, West’s Insta Stories post included plain white text on a black background.

“No one asked Moses how much he slept.”

Kanye initially posted a version of the phrase with a misspelling before removing it and publishing a corrected version, suggesting that he expected his 17.2 million followers to understand the true sentiment.

In the past, West has spoken up about having bipolar disorder, which causes extreme mood swings between elevated states of excitement and depression. People who are manic or hypomanic may sleep significantly less than usual, and manic moods can also be triggered by sleep deprivation.

Kanye’s latest Instagram story comes after a lengthy argument with his business partners Gap and Adidas. Last week, he revealed his plans to end his clothing collaboration with Gap. Since then, he has shared a number of negative remarks about Adidas, claiming the company copied some of his Yeezy designs for some of its newest endeavors.

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