Nicki Minaj dropped her Queen Mix of “Super Freaky Girl” on September 9. Numerous female rappers, including JT of the City Girls, were featured in the four-minute song. The Florida native contributed the song’s opening stanza and has been gushing about it ever since.

JT opted to honor Nicki once more, thrilled at the chance to do so. The two entertainers recently engaged in a live conversation on Instagram. The 29-year-old described the Trinidadian as one of her idols during their conversation.

As female rappers, when we go in the studio, we have to study Nicki Minaj, and that’s just the truth. Dmn this b-tch cold. How the f-ck has she did this for so many motherf-cking years?

JT acknowledged that her best lyrics were written after studying the masters. While they were talking, Nicki requested JT to fulfil a chore, which abruptly turned the topic from their discourse of love and gratitude. The 39-year-old was dying to hear her perform a diss song JT wrote years ago.

Nicki asked, “… diss records about me when you were in the car. How that song go? Rap that song right now.” JT rhymed, “Nicki can’t rap no f-cking beat/She ain’t even from the streets/Ima drop you like a bag of groceries.” Check out the video below.

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