Art-pop performer Grimes enjoys dressing quirkily and putting that into her music. However, she has recently done something crazy to her appearance.

The singer, who previously revealed to followers that she wished to have “elf ear” surgery, posted a picture of her fully bandaged face on Twitter on Saturday. As soon as the post went up, fans flocked to the comments section to inquire about whether she truly underwent the procedure.

“I hope she got them, I would be so excited!” one person commented, with another writing, “YOU DID THE EARS???” And a third user chimed in saying, “Omg whos your surgeon u look amazing.”

Grimes seemed to be considering the procedure somewhat seriously based on a series of tweets that go back to mid-August. The procedure includes surgically shaping a patient’s ear cartilage into the pointed-topped form commonly associated with elfin creatures across the fantasy genre.

On August 15, she first brought up the subject, asking her followers who had undergone the peculiar change for their thoughts. The next day, her ex-boyfriend Elon Musk joined the discussion and added some literal-minded snark. Check out the tweets down below.

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Smita Singha Roy

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