Ezra Miller has amassed a growing series of scandals in recent years. Miller apparently saw themselves as a Jesus figure and ran with a gang of outcasts while carrying enough weapons to wage a small battle. This is according to a recent bombshell exposé which describes details surrounding their arrests in 2022.

“Ezra Miller’s ‘Messiah’ Delusions: Inside The Flash Star’s Dark Spiral” by Vanity Fair is a recent article that is as fascinating and filled with drama as the title indicates. The absurd claim that Ezra basically maintained a harem or convent at his Vermont ranch, where they allegedly possessed numerous firearms and other weapons, is made by a number of anonymous sources who were allegedly in his inner circle during these few years.

According to people mentioned in the lengthy piece, Ezra would reportedly conduct strange rituals, promoting himself as a real-life superhero similar to his fictitious character the Flash. He apparently even built an altar in his home where they would have sermons and burn sage.

Ezra reportedly lost his cool during one of these sessions and demanded Susan Sarandon come to pay tribute at the altar for excluding them from a dinner party. The article also claims that as the pandemic spread, Ezra’s behavior became increasingly erratic, and he allegedly choked a woman in Iceland. It went completely out of control in 2022 when they traveled to Hawaii with a young activist, whom Ezra’s parents claim he tried to control through sneaky means.

According to Vanity’s article, Ezra has allegedly engaged in a variety of bizarre activities over the past few years, including prowling the streets in search of oppressed youths to engage in their way of life, supplying arms to them, and tormenting those closest to them with tirades, firings, and punishments. 

Ezra’s film “The Flash,” which they appear to be very interested in salvaging, serves as the context to all of this, as does Warner Bros. Ezra has since apologized for their recent erratic behavior and revealed that they are seeking therapy for mental health problems.

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