Bobby Shmurda made a huge name for himself in the rap world. Millions of eyes are always on the rapper’s actions; even his strange acts cannot be overlooked at any time. Bobby Shmurda recently responded to rumors that he was in bed with a man.

Shmurda is no stranger to rumors or online slander. The “Hot Boy” rapper was released from prison after spending seven years and was reintroduced to the world of Internet slander. Fortunately, Bobby appears to have a thick skin and an easygoing sense of humor – but that doesn’t mean the 28-year-old actor isn’t annoyed by bogus news.

Bobby posted a funny video of himself in bed with two unidentified people who were hiding their faces from the camera on Friday. Viewers swarmed the comment area with allegations that the rapper was having an affair with a male.

“All of that sassy dancing has finally come out of the closet,” One follower said. Although Bobby did not explicitly address the charges, he quickly took to social media with a warning for people who want to “work any narrative they want.”

Bobby said on his Instagram page, “When the hate doesn’t work, they start talking lies,” after posting an image with the caption. Bobby went on to write “Im really that scary. ay they trying to f** up my tour, cuz I’m not with them anymore and I’m taking they artist on tour.” However, his rant didn’t end there.

The “Bobby B***h” rapper added, “Like they try sabotage my EP lower my sound all kinda crazy nerd shit they don’t want it played nowhere They pay for the artist to get played. #slaveship.” 

Bobby appeared to believe that his label paid social media bots to spread the rumor that he was in bed with a man. As he prepares to go on tour, the Brooklyn native says he’s only concerned about making money and enjoying life to the utmost.

“I just made 200K last week, I’m tryna buy some sh*t. I can’t boom the internet so have fun.”

In light of the video, there has been a lot of laughter in the industry. What are your thoughts on the rumor? Let us know in the comments. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more information.

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