Squid Game is one of the biggest hits in the history of Netflix. The violent show combines social commentary with a slick cast of characters to create a unique experience. Leonardo DiCaprio could now be asked to join ‘Squid Game’ in a later season.

According to Variety, the series creator-director Hwang Dong-hyuk said that Leonardo DiCaprio might be asked to join the cast of Netflix’s Emmy-winning international blockbuster hit in a later season. Hwang was asked if any well-known Hollywood actors would appear in “Squid Game” Season 2 at a press conference held by Netflix. Hwang responded with DiCaprio’s name.

There will be no known Hollywood actor in Season 2. That’s not in the plan and if the stage changes, maybe in Season 3 – but for Season 2, it is still set in Korea. Leonardo DiCaprio did say he’s a big fan of ‘Squid Game,’ so maybe if time or chances allow, we can ask him to join the games.

According to Hwang, production on the second season of will start in 2023, with a premiere scheduled for 2024. The games that will be played in the season have been confirmed. Hwang added that the upcoming season would witness an increase in production budgets.

The first Korean drama to dominate Netflix’s top 10 weekly most-watched TV show charts globally in 94 countries, “Squid Game” made waves when it debuted as a Netflix original almost exactly a year ago. According to the streaming service, 1.65 billion hours of viewing were logged in the first 28 days following the show’s Sept. 17 premiere. Stay tuned to Thirsty to get the latest updates on television series.

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