Offset and Cardi B have been married for some time now. It would be safe to assume both of them know each other’s likes and dislikes. However, when it comes to buying gifts, Offset claims that it has been hard to get Cardi anything.

Cardi and Offset have always been giving each other high-end gifts. However, Offset seems to have hit a plateau when it comes to giving Cardi gifts, reported E! News. He explains it is hard for him to choose what to give her next because “she has everything.”

For Cardi’s 29th birthday last year, Offset bought her a mansion in the Dominican Republic.  Then, in December, Cardi paid it forward by revealing at her husband’s 30th birthday celebration that she was giving him a $2 million gift. Cardi’s 30th birthday is quickly approaching, so he needs to make a choice on the gifts.

“I’m trying to move her towards gifts—that’s why I bought her a home last year because they mean more or last more and it’s a great investment. Made a lot of money from the houses we’ve got now, and it’s like, I’m trying to stay at that angle. But it’s hard. Like for Christmas, we buy the kids and family stuff—we don’t always get on each other.”

Cardi isn’t the only one getting used to receiving grand gestures. The couple, who share 4-year-old daughter Kulture, and 12-month-old son Wave, recently celebrated their youngest kid’s birthday with a car-themed party. Thanks to Cardi’s younger sister, Hennessy, he rolled into his own bash in style with his very own toy car.

“I was like oh this is crazy. I was like, ‘He should drive, he should enter the party like this.’ So, we sent the car ahead. It wasn’t even planned, she came up with the craziest toy for him because he don’t even want to get out of it—like he got hella toys over here unopened. He just want to get in his car and go.”

Recently, Doritos and Offset collaborated on their Triangle Tracker initiative. It’s a full circle moment for the child in him, as Offset described. Aside from his birthday issues, Offset has been promising new solo songs since rumors of his breakup with Migos started to circulate.

Offset is having a tough time deciding where to spend his money with gifts. Although it may be getting harder to top his own surprises, the 30-year-old is putting a lot of thought into his next purchase.

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