Kim Kardashian and Kanye West first officially met in 2012 and married in 2014. Kanye never bores his fans and always brings up something to keep them interested. He recently admitted that North West and the rest of their kids are considerably more in Kim Kardashian’s care.

In a recent interview, Kanye West discussed his co-parenting arrangement with his separated wife Kim Kardashian. Ye recently made an appearance on the Alo MIND FULL podcast. He disclosed to hosts Alyson Wilson and Danny Harris that North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm are “80% of the time” raised by the reality star.

Even to this day, I’ll still give Kim advice on things that could help because that’s going to go to the kid. She’s still gotta, 80 percent of the time, raise those children. So what people saw when I was going back and forth is that I still have to be able to throw my version of what people would throw into the curriculum.

Kanye and Kim have been co-parenting their children for more than a year and a half. After being married to the Yeezy founder for over seven years, Kim filed for divorce in February 2021. The nine-month relationship between Kim and Pete Davidson was constantly criticized on social media by Kanye.

After making a racial slur at Pete’s friend Trevor Noah, he was momentarily banned from Instagram. Ye most recently openly attacked his ex-wife and her family once more in an early September series of vicious Instagram posts. He posted screenshots of texts they had exchanged while considering where to enroll their four children in school. Things don’t seem to be as ugly as before for the time being. Stay tuned to Thirsty for the latest news and updates.

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