The demise of Queen Elizabeth II remains unfathomable in the country. The occurrence has truly moved everyone, as evidenced by the sentiments of individuals. Recently, a Royal guard fell while standing watch at Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin.

One of the Royal Guards experienced a hard fall at Westminster Hall, slamming hard onto the floor while standing alongside Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin. Wednesday, the guard was wobbling side to side at the foot of the casket before crashing face-first on the ground.

The smash echoed throughout the Hall, and people rushed to his aid. Royal guards rotate around the coffin every 20 minutes, with a 6-hour shift. The BBC, broadcasting the ceremony live, halted the feed until the situation was fixed.

The cause of the guard’s collapse is unknown. There has also been no word about his condition. The guard wasn’t the only one who passed out at Westminster Hall. Lady Gabriella Windsor, Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin, collapsed earlier in the service.

Lady Gabriella was in the reception line with other Royals when numerous individuals, including her mother, Princess Michael of Kent, appeared apprehensive. Thomas Kingston, her husband, raced to her rescue. She is said to have regained consciousness but departed the event.

For years, Lady Gabriella enjoyed a close friendship with the Queen. Queen Elizabeth even attended her 2019 wedding. However, Queen’s death has left everyone in grief. What’s your take on it? Let us know in the comments. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

Muskan Sharma

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