Kanye West established himself as a true genius in the eyes of many followers as both a businessman and an artist. It’s difficult to argue with that, because West repeatedly demonstrated why he’s so successful. Kanye is posting pictures of his Yeezy shades on his Instagram page for a few days, and he recently added another one.

Fans are always anticipating what Kanye will post next on his Instagram. Kanye is well-known for calling out people on Instagram and then deleting his posts. He targeted many people, including Adidas’ vice president and general manager Daniel Cherry and Pete Davidson.

Kanye appears to have deleted all of the posts after declaring that he will not attack his enemies in the wake of Queen’s death. His Instagram posts now include promotions for his Yeezy shades and backpack. He shared a photo of people wearing the shades, both men and women, with the caption “YZY SHDZ.”

Among his Yeezy shades, his posts also feature a Yeezy backpack that resembles a trash bag. As previously reported, Kanye shared a promotional image from a new Yeezy collection on Instagram. The model donned an oversized boot similar to Kanye West’s unmistakable Balenciaga Steroid boot, as well as an oversized hooded jacket and backpack.

Kanye appears to be putting his beef aside for the time being in order to focus on his business. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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