Harvey Weinstein was the most powerful executive in the film industry. His downfall came after he was convicted of various sexual assault crimes. Harvey Weinstein recently pleaded with the judge to prevent the jail dentist from removing his rotten teeth.

According to LA Superior Court Judge Lisa Lench, Weinstein has made two trips to the medical bay at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility, where he is being held while awaiting trial on October 10 for allegedly assaulting five women between 2004 and 2013. However, his problems have not been resolved. According to New York Post, the former film producer recently pleaded with a judge after being wheeled into a Los Angeles courtroom.

According to Weinstein’s attorney Mark Werksman, jail dentists gave him two options: extract the teeth without a replacement or let them continue to rot. The 70-year-old said he should be permitted a bridge or artificial teeth to seem “presentable” at trial. He is already serving a 23-year sentence after being found guilty of sex offenses in New York.

This situation is an emergency. I will pay for the dentist … it will be one trip and one trip only. I’m in pain every day. I have cavities and I can’t eat because I’m missing teeth.

A large hole in the front of Weinstein’s teeth, according to Werksman, makes him seem “ridiculous” and “like a caricature,” and denying him dental care would be a breach of his fundamental rights. Lench informed Weinstein that although he could pay for his own transportation to and from a private dentist, doing so would still require the assistance of the sheriff’s department, making the request unusual.

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