Earlier this year, Nicki Minaj filed a lawsuit against blogger Nosey Heaux over allegations that the rapper has a substance abuse issue. Now another popular performer is getting involved in the situation with her thoughts on the matter.

Azealia Banks took shots at Nicki for filing a lawsuit against the blogger, since she took no legal action when Remy Ma made the same accusations. In an Instagram Story post, Banks described the $75,000.00 demand as “the brokest shit I’ve ever heard in my life.”

In other posts to her story that followed, Banks believes the suit shouldn’t be hard to earn for someone of Nicki Minaj’s stature. However, Azealia even acknowledge that people might not think she was in a position to criticize anyone, she even began to criticize Nicki’s cooking. 

“Just do a show and get $75,000. Is there no one that wants to pay Nicki $75K to do anything right now? That’s so fuckin’ burnt,” she said.

“We should’ve known when she had the corn frying in the frisco with the old bay and the little, like, supermarket shrimp. The little, like, mud vein shrimp. It’s like, ‘You can’t afford to go to the fuckin’ fish market?’ Can somebody go to the fish market and get this woman some real shrimp,” she said. “For someone who always calls bitches broke, those were the brokest fuckin’ shrimp I’ve ever seen in my fucking life.”

When roasting Nicki’s abilities in the kitchen, Banks explained why she thinks Minaj likely won’t win her lawsuit. She even used her lyrics as an example.

“Now, your rap lyrics could be used against you in a court of law. I can rap Nicki Minaj lyrics right off the top of my head, like, Keep the Snow White, I can buy it by the bundle. I’m in Jamaica with the kis and the palm trees. Woke up, the price coke up. Like, you lost! Sis, you’re going to lose this case. This girl’s going to countersue you for the rest of your popcorn shrimp and canned corn,” she said. “This is what you’re going to get for being a fake gangsta,” she added.

This feud is just getting started. Thirsty will definitely keep an eye on the beef between Banks and Minaj.

What do you think of all of this? Sound off in the comments!

Andre Porter

Andre is a news writer at Ringside News and its sister site Thirsty For News. He has been an avid fan of professional wrestling since 1999. He has been to plenty of Raw and Smackdown television tapings and various WWE PPVs including Wrestlemania. Andre is a graduate of The University of Arts back in 2009 with a BFA in Multimedia. His earliest memories of pro wrestling involved Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker and Triple H. Outside of his writing for the two sites Andre is a fan of film, traveling, comics, and all Philadelphia sports. *** John Cena follow him on Twitter***

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