James Harden, the new guard for the Philadelphia 76ers, is also recognized for his love of music, aside from being a professional basketball player. Harden appears to have now found a new creative move to work on as he moves forward.

Last season, the Philadelphia 76ers pulled off a historic blockbuster by acquiring James Harden in exchange for Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre Drummon, and a slew of selections.

The arrangement was hailed as a rare “win-win” situation for all parties concerned. The Brooklyn Nets were supposed to have found a defensive ace in Simmons to complement offensive superstars Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. And the Sixers landed Harden, a pick-and-roll wizard, and former MVP, to partner with Joel Embiid.

Six months later, the plot has evolved slightly. Simmons was unable to play for the Nets last season due to a back injury. And, while Harden provided the Sixers with thrilling moments last season (like his 27-point, 12-assist debut), he also vanished when the Sixers needed him the most (like his 15-point, five turnover stinker against the Raptors in the playoffs).

Add in the fact that Harden has begun the last two regular seasons with severe fitness concerns, and many fans are left wondering what to anticipate in the future. As the offseason approached, it was critical that Harden demonstrates that he was taking the summer seriously.

Fortunately, Harden spent a significant amount of time in the gym and even set aside a cake during his birthday party last month. Harden, on the other hand, has spent the summer dabbling in his creative endeavors, including a weekend appearance on the New York runways. On September 12th, the Sixers star released a message regarding his new look on Twitter.

“Rick & Marni all year, on some fur s***.”

The outfits are nice, but fashion is far from Harden’s sole creative endeavor. What’s your take on his fashion sense? Let us know in the comments. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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Muskan Sharma

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