Eminem is synonymous with the greatest rappers to ever have been. He’s had many different phases in his career, and there are things that drove him to be a better rapper. He evolves as an artist, and even when he’s a legend in the rap game, he draws inspiration from others.

The Real Slim Shady recently gave an interview to XXL. The Rap God said he is very serious about his music currently and considers many rappers in the scene to be real competition.

Eminem named Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Joyner Lucas, and Big Sean as his current competitors in the rap game. He added that he keeps a tab on them by observing how “they’re doing their s***.” The rapper always wants to top whatever they create.

I still love to rap. It’s always been the most important thing to me. I still have fun writing. I have fun watching the rappers I just mentioned, and being like, OK, let me see if I can do something that inside I think I can top that. And every time the best rappers drop an album, it changes the landscape of the fuckin’ game. At least it does for me, and I’m like, I need to be able to rap like that. Because if I don’t do that, someone’s going to come behind me, probably in the next couple of years, and wash me.

Em also elaborated on the timeline of his drug use. He also revealed that he had a drug overdose that edged on being fatal, and how 50 Cent once helped him out when he was too high to reply to some questions from 106 & Park.

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