Rita Ora has made a name for herself by being an outstanding singer and songwriter. Besides her singing abilities, fans go crazy over her striking figure and choice of fashion. Rita Ora recently raised the thermometer even higher while spending the day at the beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as if the city’s already-high temps weren’t hot enough.

The 31-year-old British singer made the most of her weekend by stripping off to a seasonal blue bikini and showcasing her toned body. Rita played in the waves before jumping in for a swim with close friend Vas J. Morgan. She performed at the city’s annual Rock In Rio festival on Sunday night.

Rita Ora exchanged vows with her filmmaker husband Taiki Waititi in a private ceremony in August, although it looked like the newlywed actress was not with him. Rita and Taika began dating in March 2021 before making their relationship public in August of that same year.

Taika’s filmography includes the Oscar-nominated Jojo Rabbit and the blockbuster epic Thor: Love And Thunder. Two months after becoming engaged, the pair is reportedly organizing a huge celebration to honor their covert nuptials with friends and family. Rita didn’t want to make a big deal out of the wedding since she is keen to keep the relationship as discreet as possible.

Rita, meantime, has had prominent relationships with people like Calvin Harris and Rob Kardashian. According to reports, the celebrity has already changed her last name to Mrs. Waititi-Ora. Check out the pictures below.

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