Kanye West established himself as a true genius for many fans when it comes to being a businessman as well as an artist. It is hard to argue with that fact because West has proven many times why he is so successful. Kanye West recently dropped a promotional photo from his new Yeezy collection featuring a backpack that looks more like a trash bag.

When Kanye West unveiled his most recent Yeezy Gap collection last month, the internet erupted in fury. After pictures of the merchandise being sold out of trash bags surfaced, fans claimed that the tycoon was exploiting the homeless as his fashion models. Customers claimed that the bags were stuffed with apparel in a haphazard manner.

Despite that fact, Ye refused to apologize for his vision, rejecting any notion that he was being “insensitive” to the homeless. It appears Kanye West has taken the trash bag design inspiration a step further with his latest collection. According to a recent post, Ye will soon be selling backpacks that appear to bear a distinct resemblance to a trash bag.

Kanye took to Instagram recently to share a promotional image from a new Yeezy collection. The model wore an oversized boot similar to the unmistakable Balenciaga Steroid boot Kanye West has been sporting all year, as well as an oversized hooded jacket and backpack.


The bag strapped across Ye’s shoulders seemed more like a trash bag than a typical rucksack. It’s unclear who is modeling the latest merch. Ye tagged Candace Swanepoel in the post. Check out the post below.

What’s your take on this Yeezy concept? Sound off in the comments!

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