James Cameron has a huge potential blockbuster up his sleeve, and he will protect it from haters at all costs. The star director made Avatar back in 2009, and it still goes down as one of the most successful Hollywood flicks. Cameron recently confirmed that Avatar 4 has begun production.

James Cameron virtually attended the D23 Expo from New Zealand to provide information on all the future Avatar sequels. According to Collider, he announced that Avatar 4 had begun production. During his update on Avatar 4, Cameron also informed the audience at the Expo that filming on Avatar 3 was still going on.

I’m super excited to be finally finishing up movie two. I know everyone’s been waiting a long time. Hopefully, we’ll show something today, and you can decide if it’s been worth it.

Avatar 2 is still in post-production, but according to him, it’s doing well, and the Weta material is amazing. He showed 3D clips from Avatar 2 showing the lush and lovely environment of the aliens known as the Na’vi after the sequel revisions. The video depicted the Na’vi swimming on the planet Pandora and watching a film of Dr. Grace Augustine, played by Sigourney Weaver.

The tentative release date for Avatar 4 is December 18, 2026. If you want to catch up on Avatar before its re-release, you may rent or buy it on Amazon Prime Video. The first movie will be re-issued in theatres in a restored version to show before the impending second movie.

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