Diddy is a phenomenon who has spread his wings in various domains in order to achieve success in the industry. Fans appreciate the mogul’s brilliant approach to investing his earnings wisely. Diddy just invested $2 million in the Philadelphia Creatives’ Resource Collective, which may surprise many.

Sean Combs, the music tycoon, and recent angel investor are assisting a group of Philadelphia think-tankers in expanding their aim of offering resources for creatives trying to transition from idea to commerce.

AllHipHop reports that the Bad Boy founder has invested $2 million from his Sean Combs Capital firm in Resources for Every Creator, a Philadelphia-based venture (REC). REC was founded in 2015 by Will Toms and Dave Silver, two Forbes 30 Under 30 alumni.

“REC is an ecosystem designed and dedicated to providing creative people with the resources, communities, and opportunities to pursue their passions and entrepreneurial goals.”

They have distributed $2 million dollars to its members in order for them to achieve their ambitions, bridging companies to those with the desire to take it to the next level.

REC Philly has approximately 1,000 active members who are all subscription members and have access to a 10,000-square-foot creative space, educational activities, and a pool of creatives to network with within the hub.

Live Nation, Comcast, Cash App, WXPN, WSFS Bank, Amuse, Red Bull, T-Mobile, Ballard Spahr, and Temple University are among the brand collaborations associated with REC Philly. When talking about the investment, Combs discussed the goal that he want to achieve. Subsequently, Wills Toms discussed his focus to turn his artists into creative entrepreneurs.

“Our goal is to make sure that independent creators have the information, tools, and resources needed to win and level the playing field.”

“This partnership is about the future of the creator economy and helping REC expand to serve more creators in cities and countries around the world.” 

“Our key focus is turning artists and creators into creative entrepreneurs. We’ve known since the beginning that we weren’t just solving a Philadelphia problem. Access to resources, strategies, and opportunities is a global challenge for creatives everywhere, and with Diddy’s support, we’re excited to bring our solution to communities beyond our hometown of Philly.”

Now, the two are expanding REC to Miami, thanks to Combs’ investment, and will open a 12,000-square-foot creative facility complete with multiple recording studios, photo/video production studios, editing bays, podcast studios, dance studios, design studios, an event venue, coworking space, and the in-house production equipment required to create high-quality media.

“In Philadelphia, much of our success comes from our ability to empower & convene the local creative community, making it easy for both local & global brands to know where they can find & hire creative talent. Getting artists paid has always been our most impactful metric, and I’m excited to bring that same energy into Miami.” 

Toms and Silver do not intend to stop at Philadelphia and Miami, but rather to extend to other cities across the world. “Can’t Stop. Won’t stop,” as their new investor put it. What do you think about this new investment? For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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