With Captain America 4 moving forward, there have been rumors that Chris Evans may reprise his role as Captain America. In a previous tweet, he quickly dismissed those rumors. Anthony Mackie recently revealed whether Chris Evans will return in Captain America: New World Order, and said that he loves and enjoys working with him.

Anthony Mackie discussed whether he thinks Chris Evans will reprise his role as Steve Rogers in Captain America: New World Order. The Falcon and the Winder Soldier sequel will be directed by Julius Onah. It will delve more into how becoming Captain America has impacted Mackie’s, Sam Wilson.

Now, in an interview with Variety at the D23 Expo, Anthony Mackie reveals whether Steve Rogers should appear in Captain America: New World Order. In a video released on Twitter, the actor expressed his desire to bring Chris Evans back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He also revealed how his Falcon and Winter Soldier co-stars, Sebastian Stan and Wyatt Russell, have joined Thunderbolts, stating “if Sebastian gets Wyatt, I should get Chris.” 

The project’s development was announced in April 2021, with Malcolm Spellman and Dalan Musson attached as co-writers. However, it wasn’t until this year’s San Diego Comic-Con that Marvel revealed the title and release date for New World Order. It is currently scheduled to premiere on May 3, 2024.

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are aware of Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers’ close bond. Though speculations regarding Steve Rogers’ possible return began to circulate a few years ago, Chris Evans commented about reprising the role and stated that the story would have to be right.

It would be intriguing to see Evans’ character return to the MCU and discover if he plays an old or young Steve Rogers. Variants are possible because the new film is set within The Multiverse Saga, but it might also benefit Sam Wilson’s tale to have Rogers see him as Captain America and serve as more of a mentor.

Whether he returns or not, the door appears to be always open, and fans can expect to find out when Captain America: New World Order hits theatres in 2024. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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