Stacey Dash first addressed her past substance abuse in 2021. Dash said that she used to have a daily habit of taking 18-20 Vicodin painkillers, which caused her to lose everything. She recently addressed it once more, but this time she imitated DMX in a new, bizarre video.

Stacey Dash has released a new video in which she impersonates late rapper DMX. The video arrived less than two weeks after she admitted she’d only found out recently about his death. On August 31st, 2022, the Clueless actress and Damon Dash’s cousin released a tear-filled TikTok video.

She claimed to have discovered the heartbreaking news more than a year after the rapper’s death. “I didn’t know DMX died,” she said, before going on to condemn the disease of addiction.

I didn’t know, from a cocaine overdose. I am today, six years and one month clean, and it breaks my heart. It breaks my heart that he lost to it. He lost to that demon of addiction. Please. Please, don’t lose.

This prompted many people to wonder where she’d been for the past year or so, with some even suggesting she was back on drugs. Dash used DMX’s 2006 hit “Lord Give Me A Sign” to rebuke the “devil” as she tries to stay sober in a new TikTok post shared on Friday, September 9, after explaining in a previous post that the devil is busy in her thoughts lately.

Dash rapped the lyrics while passionately imitating X on the Scott Starch-produced track.

Devil, I rebuke you, for what I go through/ Been trying to make me do what I used to/ But all that stops right here/ As long as the Lord’s in my life, I will have no fear/ I will know no pain from the light to the dark/ I will show no shame, spit it right from the heart/ ‘Cause it’s right from the start.

DMX died in April 2021 in White Plains Hospital in White Plains, New York, from a reported drug overdose and heart attack. It’s unclear whether she’s still using drugs. Let’s wait and watch what she does next. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

Did you think the video was bizarre, or did you relate to her? Let us know in the comments!

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