The NFL season opener is always a highly anticipated event. Still, the Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams’ game with the preseason favorite Buffalo Bills was decided by a number of less dramatic incidents. After the recent Rams vs. Bills game, some fans got into a violent brawl in the streets outside of SoFi Stadium, continuing the action that had been going on inside. LeSean McCoy, a former NFL great, was only a few feet away.

Emmanuel Acho, a former linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles, videotaped the event and shared it on social media. The video featured two L.A. fans and a man wearing a Stefon Diggs jersey and spectators arguing. TMZ obtained the video and posted it.

As seen in the video, the Diggs supporter punched a man sporting a Cooper Kupp shirt and chaos ensued. Before slipping and almost taking a few blows, a man wearing a Cam Akers jersey raced in to try to get a piece of the Bills supporter. The brawl finally seemed to come to a stop when a police officer entered and seized one of the men.

The entire time, McCoy and Acho were just behind the altercation and were making observations as it happened. The former Bills running back said, “They can’t fight!”

TMZ contacted the police but they have not received a response yet. It’s unsure if any arrests have been made. It was a really difficult night for the Kupp and Akers fans as the Rams were destroyed 31-10 in the NFL season opener. Check out the video below.

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