Keibert Ruiz is a Venezuelan professional baseball catcher for the Washington Nationals of Major League Baseball. He has previously played in MLB for the Los Angeles Dodgers. After frighteningly taking a foul ball straight to the crotch, the Washington Nationals catcher was removed from the team’s game and rushed to the hospital after the terrible accident.

Following the team’s victory over the Cardinals at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Nats manager Dave Martinez addressed the reporters and described the embarrassing circumstance. He claimed that the bizarre play earlier in the day hurt Ruiz, and he ended up with swollen testicles.

The Washington Post recently reported that in the bottom of the second inning, Ruiz was indeed struck by a pitch, but managed to remain in the competition. The 24-year-old, however, reportedly felt bad throughout the day and required a trip to the hospital in the sixth inning to be examined to make sure everything was alright.

Washington Nationals catcher Keibert Ruiz was taken to a hospital Thursday with swollen testicles after he was hit by a baseball in the groin.

The club has not yet provided an update, so there is no news on how he is doing at the moment. Check out the tweet and the Nationals vs. Cardinals game highlights below. Get well soon, Keibert!

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