Madonna has never not been iconic since coming to prominence. A few of her recent videos and posts online have been quite questionable. Now, the pop icon was at it again on Friday as she showed off a diamond encrusted grill in a video.

Madonna took to Instagram recently and showcased her youthful demeanor in a weird manner, reported The Daily Mail. She stared directly into the camera, pulling off her lips to show the diamond grill. The Queen of pop sported a blue plaid shirt in the clip, while her cotton candy pink hair was tied in braids.

The Material Girl hitmaker used a filter that gave herself a childlike drawn moustache and beard. Paired with eye lashes and a heart on her forehead it was quite the bizarre look. She then took off the filter and showcased her gorgeous features and newly bleached brows.

The superstar gazed seductively into the camera as the remix of her hit Hung Up played. She captioned the clip: ‘Tokischa Que Lo Que Yo Quiero un Culo Nuevo’ which translates to Tokischa That What I Want A New Ass. It comes after the singer shared behind-the-scenes footage from her remix’s video shoot featuring the sex-positive rapper Tokischa. 

In the music video of the track, Tokischa could be seen miming oral sex with Madonna. She was wearing a black teddy beneath a green windbreaker and matching shorts and thigh-high PVC boots. She was also filmed grinding against Tokischa, who’s bisexual and famed for her $11.11/month OnlyFans account.

The pop icon has also been seen recently getting handsy with a boy toy. Subsequently the music video came out with such visuals. This bizarre video after all that drama just fits the bill with madonna’s weird presence online.

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Anirban Biswas

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