Young Thug is implicated in a RICO case and is now subject to a slew of restrictions while incarcerated. A tweet from Young Thug’s account to Michael Phelps has sparked controversy against the rapper. The court has now imposed communication limitations on Young Thug and his counsel.

In the Young Thug/YSL RICO case, Judge Ural Glanville imposed restrictions on communication between lawyers and their clients. After prosecutors voiced concerns about leaking discovery information and witness coercion, the court ordered limitations.

Young Thug’s lawyer, Brian Steel, said that his client posed no threat to any witness. Steel also maintained that Young Thug had no mobile phone access while incarcerated. The prosecution refuted the attorney’s assertion by referring to the rapper’s recent social media activity and in support, Judge Glanville released a statement.

“This is part of the conversation I had with all of you about your teams and everybody else. You really gotta zealously clamp down on—it’s like dealing with classified information. It’s need to know at this point in time. And if people don’t need to know, you don’t need to disclose it. And it’s gonna get somebody either hurt or somebody in a lot of trouble.”

Steel defended Young Thug’s Twitter exchange with swimmer Michael Phelps. The lawyer stated that it was posted on his client’s behalf by someone else. Steel went on to say that this could not be the rationale for the restriction.

“That last tweet that was sent out to Michael Phelps is recorded. It’s been investigated by the sheriff of that county. And it was a conversation that was recorded between [Young Thug] and a member of his close family, close friendships. He asked the other person who’s in control of his Twitter account to send that, or the Instagram, maybe. That is not a reason to [restrict].”

Judge Glanville recognized it as evidence of Young Thug’s ability to communicate from behind prison. Following that, in response to The Judge, the attorney stated that there is nothing wrong with asking someone about swimming

“Well, this is part of the conversation, Mr. Steele, you and others are gonna need to have with your clients. Because this is part of the state’s concern.”

“That was an innocent—that’s nothing bad. Asking somebody to tweet to Michael Phelps, ‘Can you swim 100 miles in the ocean?’ That has nothing to do with intimidation.”

Judge Glanville, however, was unconvinced by Steel’s arguments. To support his point of view, Judge Glanville released insights about the communication threat.

“Well, if I can communicate through a family member or somebody else, then I can communicate something else.”

Young Thug will remain in jail while awaiting his RICO trial. Since his arrest in May, he has been denied bond three times. What do you think? Did the judge make a wise call in not allowing Young to speak with his attorney? Let us know in the comments. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more information

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