TikTok, one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, is jam packed with many different influencers. One of which, Aunt Karen, was given a not-to-thrilling award today by Nicki Minaj.

Aunt Karen, who has over 1.6 million followers, was on social media blasting a white man for going on 50 different dates in 50 different states. Nobody seemed to mind the fact all the women in the 50 different dates were white, but Aunt Karen, whose real name is Denise Bradley, made an exception.

Nicki Minaj was not ready to let Karen have her opinion go unnoticed, as she gave her an award for this opinion. However, it is probably not an award that Aunt Karen would want to have. Minaj took to social media to say the following.

“Yo could you imagine waking up, looking in the mirror, realizing you’re a BLACK QUEEN & going on tiktok to concern yourself with a white man dating white women in diff states with his OWN fkng money?” wrote the rapper in The Neighborhood Talk‘s comment section. “Are y’all not fkng tired of looking this insecure? This is the equivalent to a KAREN. and using terms like ‘wHaTcHu nOt GoN dOoO’ to pander to black QUEENS is so fkng Eww [masked emoji]. Like …. “This only makes these women feel y’all r jealous & fkng OBSESSED with them- which further boosts their self esteem. I’m going to give this woman C*CK SUCKER OF THE DAY AWARD ON THE NEXT QUEEN RADIO. Cuz CHIIIIII Enough is Enough!!!!!! [peeking emoji] wHaTcHuNoTgOn doOoOo girl gone on.”

While Bradley has taken to Twitter to defend herself, she is still being grilled by people on the internet. Minaj was among the numerous who agreed that Bradley needs to “fall back” on her opinion and cool out.

What do you think about Aunt Karen’s comments? Are they warranted or not? Let us know in the comments section below!

Chase Gilmer

Chase Gilmer is 31 years old from Decatur, Alabama. He is a huge wrestling nerd and also enjoys sports and music. He is a co-founder of The Pinning Predicament.

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