Kamaiyah Johnson is an American rapper and singer from Oakland, California. Just a few weeks have passed since Kamaiyah released the deluxe edition of her most recent album, Divine Timing. Kamaiyah was recently detained after it was discovered that she had a loaded weapon in her backpack at the airport.

According to XXL Mag, Kamaiyah was allegedly found with a loaded revolver in her purse at the Hollywood Burbank Airport. According to a representative for the Burbank Police Department, she was arrested and charged with felony weapon possession. Agents added that a 2019 investigation into her firing a gun in a movie theatre at a Burbank condominium complex resulted in a long-standing warrant for her arrest.

Ms. Johnson was detained by TSA in the passenger screening area of the airport after an agent located a loaded handgun inside of a purse she had in her possession. Police responded, rendered the weapon safe, and placed Ms. Johnson under arrest. It was also discovered there was a warrant for Ms. Johnson’s arrest stemming from a 2019 investigation in Burbank of a negligently-discharged firearm inside a movie theater of a local condominium complex. She was booked and held on $70,000 bail, but has since bonded out of custody.

Additionally, this isn’t the first time Kamaiyah has run into legal issues due to an incident at an airport. After resisting being asked to take off her bonnet during a TSA inspection in 2018, she entered a guilty plea to a charge of causing a public disturbance. Since then, Kamaiyah has posted a $70,000 bond.

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