Kanye West previously accused Adidas of stealing his designs and targeted several company members over the weekend. Ye had similar complaints about Gap. Although Kanye West has many detractors, Azealia Banks is undoubtedly one of the most vocal.

The Harlem rapper took to Instagram to criticize Ye for his recent actions, particularly his tirades against Adidas. Banks claimed that Adidas had held the moniker “Yeezy” since 2018, something she claims to be certain of thanks to her time spent working for Adidas. Banks’ dissatisfaction, though, is unrelated to her time working for Adidas.

Banks added that Kanye’s resentment towards Adidas is a result of karma because of the way he handled Teyana Taylor’s professional life. She ripped Kanye before listing off a handful of examples to back her argument. Banks continued her tirade by criticizing rappers who are shunning Adidas, including Diddy, whom she says ought to be the one leading the boycott.

Can you please stop riding white dick and use the same power u used to get that white girl Lana an H&M campaign on Teyana and make her a wealthy black woman? Teyana was ur little boo for a second and she was 19. You  made ALOT of promises to that girl but all you’ve done is thank I care about ‘fade’ a beat u sent me in 2012 that I told u fierce was better than. He f-cked teyana over via contract just because Kim as jealous. You will realize that you’ve been so busy criticizing women and STEALING ART FROM EVERYONE, bullying your own daughter… That u deserve to be stolen from.

u dead -ss stole ur whole interest in fashion from Dee & Ricky. U tried stealing death grips sound and failed miserably… U brought a stolen render of an airplane to the Oval Office. Crackheads had leather jogging pants in 1981. If everyone can just *steal* ur sh-t Maybe it’s time to realize you don’t really HAVE anything. Addidas wasn’t going to make u billionaire and not keep rights to the name of the shoe. Just be realistic and stop trying to paint the white people you traded out plenty of black investors for — for your obsession with white approval.

Kanye West later came under fire from Banks for claiming bankruptcy, which she blamed on the Watch The Throne tour. She then made a reference to Kanye supposedly using Teyana Taylor’s budget for PR and music videos while purchasing Birkin bags for Julia Fox and another man. Check out Banks’ Instagram Story screenshots below.

What’s your take on Azealia Banks’ rant? Sound off in the comments!

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