Armie Hammer is largely in the discussion because of his ongoing sexual charges. However, this time he gained the spotlight because of a horrific mark. Recently, Armie Hammer’s documentary removed a photo of a bite mark, which viewers mistook for a tattoo.

Discovery+ is removing a picture from their recent Armie Hammer program that reportedly revealed a horrific bite mark and they’re doing so because fans are worried it looks very similar to an online tattoo.

“House of Hammer” delves into the actor’s sexual assault charges and includes interviews with some of his former co-stars, including Courtney Vucekovich, who claims that he was a genuine hard biter.

As she goes into further detail, a picture of the supposed bite mark was revealed. she claimed that Hammer took the picture himself, but users online immediately recognized the familiar image.

Viewers say the mark is identical to a tattoo found on Pinterest; not only do they perceive comparable tooth marks, but they also feel the fading lines leading away from the center are identical. Talos Films, which produced the play, is in the process of removing the image from the performance, according to Variety.

“When new information came forward about this series we immediately began investigating it and will make any appropriate changes as quickly as possible.”

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