Tyrese Gibson recently ended a relationship that he deemed toxic. However, his issues with child and spousal support payments in his personal life have been the subject of gossip fodder for a while now. Tyrese and his ex-girlfriend Zelie Timothy appear to have patched things up because they are now back together.

The Dominican model released a video of herself and Tyrese appearing blissfully in love on the beach months after the Fast & Furious star called Timothy “poison.” The duo smiled as they swooned over one other to the tune of Brent Faiyaz’s hit “All Mine.”

Sweetest touch has always been yours. I can’t deny that. Thank you my love.

At about the same time, Tyrese posted a video to Instagram of Timothy in their beach cabana, with the song “Hrs and Hrs” by Muni Long playing in the background. “It’s clear I couldn’t deny the love I feel for you if I tried…… Happy Labor Day my love…….A whole vibe you are… Endless love….. Endless love….”

Both posts run counter to the song Tyrese was singing when they allegedly split up in July. Tyrese compared her to a serpent who was coercing him to continue in the relationship in another Instagram post that seemed to be directed at Timothy’s parents. Check out the posts below.

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