Harry Styles is certainly one of the most established musicians in the industry right now as he has several hit songs under his belt. On top of that Harry Styles is a fashion icon in a lot of ways.

Fans are under the impression that Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine’s lap in a now-viral video of the “Don’t Worry Darling” co-stars at the Venice Film Festival premiere Monday.

As seen in the video, Styles took the empty seat beside Pine, who had director Olivia Wilde on his other side. After Styles seemingly spat at Pine, the actor froze mid-clap and stared into his lap with a smile before laughing to himself.

“I can’t look away pls help.

I won’t sleep until [they] know the truth.

people actually think harry walked over there and decided to spit on chris for no reason, in front of multiple people?

and chris made no movement to wipe it off and just sat there smiling and laughing? be f–king serious.

Chris pine just wondered where his sunglasses were after the applause. And he zoned out (likes he’s been doing all day) and realised [sic] it’s in his lap. So I am sorry to say harry styles did not spit on him.”

We will have to wait and see how “Don’t Worry Darling” will fare in theaters. With an ensemble cast and Olivia Wilde as the director, it is likely to connect with fans as well.

Subhojeet Mukherjee

Subhojeet has been a massive fan of professional wrestling for over 22 years, since the early days of the Monday Night Wars. Aside from wrestling, he also is into TV shows, movies, Anime, novels and a lot of music.

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