Bow Wow had enough of a recent trend that started on Twitter, even though he’s no stranger to being the target of online jokes. Following the release of pictures showing Chris Brown interacting with his fans, meet and greets have become a big issue. The R&B artist reportedly demanded a hefty fee for the close-up encounters, but the cost was readily accepted because of who he is.

Reactions were very different, though, when a Twitter user uploaded a screenshot of a comparable “Diamond VIP Package” for Bow Wow on The Millennium Tour. The 30 to 45-minute “Ultimate Hang with Bow Wow: A personal hang & tour led by Bow!” the message read. When someone posed the question of choosing between food stamps and supper with Bow, memes started to flood in.

Fans must pay $1,000 for the meet and greet, including an invitation to a pre-show party and a photo: a hoodie, some trinkets, and a drawstring bag. After someone posted a query asking if people would choose to take the $2,900 in food stamps or supper with the rapper, things picked up steam. The internet was ecstatic. Bow Wow was unhappy with the responses after learning that he was once again going viral.

You see when im chilling minding my business staying off the net THEY STILL HAVE TO TALK ABOUT ME. One week its ‘Bow wow sells out o2 arena hes a goat’ to who wants to meet him for $1k?, Ya baby momma n*gga thats who. Read before you post bout me. Stop playing with the dog.

Many of our favorite musicians have provided comparable packages for their tours and performances, but Bow was teased by the audience at this time. See Bow Wow’s post and some responses down below.

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Gunjan Nath

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