Azealia Banks is well-known for her condemnation of other musicians and celebrities. Beyoncé was previously described as a “creep” who “watches everything she does” by the New York native. Banks recently praised Kim Kardashian for looking healthier and happier than Beyoncé before dissing Jay-Z.

Azealia Banks made her hatred for Beyoncé public on social media for years. On Monday, September 5th, the “Luxury” singer had a few more choices of words for the mother of three, as well as Kim Kardashian, JAY-Z, and Sam Smith. First, the New Yorker blasted the KUWTK alum.

She reposted a message that reads: “Kim Kardashian says that a vegan diet helps her Psoriasis. We asked an RDN to weigh in” on her own Story. “Wasn’t she just eating cheese n sausage with Fleet Davidson?” Banks wrote above the image.

Sis [you] need some REST, a bar of count countess and a high dose of some kind of sulphuric compound every day. Also, we noticed [you] drinking alcohol. Vegan ain’t gonna save [you] while you’re drinking alcohol ma’am.

However, in the next slide, Banks changed her tune completely, praising the mother of four before turning her anger on Beyoncé. “You have to give Kim her props for making [it] to 40 [and] still looking better than all of her contemporaries and about 88% of young women,” the performer began.

I never in a million years thought Kim K would look healthier, more alert, more sober and overall happier and in control of her sh*t than Beyoncé.

On the next page, Banks ranted even more about the Houston-born multihyphenate. “Hate comparing but Bey really dropped the ball on the aspirational pieces,” she said.

She looks sooooo obviously sad with JAY-Z and watching that every drain year after year just turns me off from how powerful she seemed to me as a kid.

Personal Power is the [most] important power you have as a woman. She outgrew him about 10 years ago but lowkey too prideful to let another b*tch have him (Another reason I avoid Saggitarian men like the plague, they are some secretive untrustworthy motherf*ckers).

Beyoncé, according to Azealia, “never ever got over whatever hoe sh*t [JAY-Z] was doing in the 90s.” The controversial 31-year-old then advised the Destiny’s Child singer to “run away from home and find a Jamaican man who cooks and cleans and just chill.”

Dead a*s mean this with the most love ever – it’s time for you to get some NEW D*CK, so you can have some new energy and inspiration!!! That JAY-Z d*ck is out of steam honey. Leave his deflated ass where he is, he would do it to you.

You can check out her rants down below. She definitely isn’t afraid to say anything she wants. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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Shivangini Rawat

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