Social media users often see people avoiding serious accidents and consider it to be pure luck and a miracle. Recently, one of the well-known personalities from the sports world had a similar experience. Jerry Jones admitted that he was not wearing a seat belt during the car accident, yet he escaped unscathed.

According to TMZ, Jerry Jones is extremely lucky to have avoided serious injury in his May car accident. In the aftermath of the accident, the Dallas Cowboys owner revealed to cops that he was not wearing his seat belt. The revelation was made in a new police video obtained by the outlet.

Police blurred the footage. It shows that Jones informed at least two officers that he was not buckled up when he T-boned a Hyundai on May 4 in Dallas, Texas. Jones reportedly informed officers that he was driving around 45 MPH in his 2013 Lexus at the time of the accident and that his airbags did deploy, making it even more remarkable that he escaped relatively unscathed.

“You had it buckled behind you, but you weren’t wearing it,” one cop can be heard telling Jones of his seat belt in the clip. “That is correct,” Jones responded. “That is correct.” Jones did tell an officer at a local hospital that he suffered a “head bump, chest bump, [and] knee bump” in the accident … but he was “not in any pain now.”

He was eventually released and had no long-term effects from the incident. During the police video, Jones implied that the other driver was at fault, telling one cop, “He just U-ed. He just simply U-ed right in front of me.” Jones added, “I hit him broadside. I’m so happy he’s not hurt.”

Jones was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing in the case by cops. In terms of the future, one officer in the video advised Jones to always wear his seat belt. “The only thing I’m going to ask you to do,” the cop said, “is put that seat belt on the right way.” Jones’ replied … “I agree.”

His luck was on his side that day, and he narrowly avoided a major accident. It’s good to hear he’s now safe and sound. to get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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