Vince McMahon is often regarded as the most influential person in the history of professional wrestling. He is also well-known for his great impact on television and American culture. Kurt Angle recently stated that Vince McMahon didn’t allow him to accept a role in the movie ‘Pearl Harbor.’

During his podcast on, Kurt Angle discussed his RAW segment this past Monday in his hometown of Pittsburgh. It was a great time and an opportunity for the WWE Universe to see Kurt Angle back at home in a WWE ring.

Angle also addressed why Vince McMahon didn’t let him appear in the film ‘Pearl Harbor.’ He explained that Vince didn’t want to lose another wrestler to Hollywood, like The Rock. He stated that things began to loosen up when John Cena and Edge got movie roles.

It was a blockbuster movie. I was one of the leading roles. They wanted me and WWE said no. It was Pearl Harbor. It was a guy that was the hero that died at the end. I didn’t see the movie, but I was told who it was gonna be. Unfortunately, they said no, and the reason, and I totally get it, Rock just left and Vince was putting everybody on lockdown. He wasn’t going to lose another wrestler to Hollywood.

So for the next several years, five or six years, nobody was allowed to do anything after Rock left. So it was very difficult to get any type of movies because WWE was controlling you and you had to do what they told you to do. But eventually, thank God, you know, it loosened up and then John Cena and Edge started getting movie roles, Batista, and everything started opening up.

Wrestlers are breaking out of the ring and taking over Hollywood. They are demonstrating that their abilities are not limited to wrestling. Sadly, that didn’t work out for everyone. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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