Tom Cruise is known for pulling crazy stunts without fear in order to make movies more adventurous. Followers appreciate his fearless approach to every stunt, and it appears that fans will be able to witness his audacity again. Tom Cruise’s ‘M: I’ airplane stunt is revealed in full in a new leaked video.

Tom Cruise is reaching new heights and no, fans not talking about ‘Top Gun’ again. This time, the industry is talking about his next ‘Mission: Impossible film, which looks wild.

Fans can check out the video, which appeared to have leaked online this weekend without a source. It’s a PSA that Tom shot a while ago and was allegedly aired during CinemaCon earlier this year, prior to a ‘Top Gun’ screening in Vegas.

Tom was standing on an airborne biplane, basically holding onto nothing but a rig and chatting into the camera, which was shooting him from another plane across the way. He claimed that he was filming the latest installment of the ‘M: I’ series, which appeared to be ‘Dead Reckoning Pt. 2,’ and that he’s anxious to show it to people on the big screen.

Midway through his statement, he’s interrupted by director Christopher McQuarrie, who’s directing both Parts 1 and 2, to warn him that they’re running out of daylight and need to resume shooting all while flying his own biplane right next to TCs.

Tom concludes by saying he’ll see everyone at the movies, and then both his and Chris’ planes simultaneously dip/nosedive to the left, with Tom merely holding on still standing.

Chris actually uploaded a photo of Tom doing something similarly insane to honor his 60th birthday earlier this year with a separate plane photograph, indicating the guy’s back to doing his own stunts. TC is well-known for his on-screen exploits, particularly in the ‘M: I’ franchise.

‘Dead Reckoning’ does not appear to be an exception. However, Tom’s feature is on the way and will be accessible to fans soon. Are you pumped? Let us know in the comments. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more information.

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