Tyrese Gibson recently called it quits on a toxic relationship. The court previously ordered the 43-year-old to pay $10,690 in child support per month. It now appears that Tyrese irritated the judge before he was ordered to pay child support.

TMZ reports that the judge was extremely upset during some of Tyrese’s testimony, particularly when Samantha’s attorney grilled him about his finances and Tyrese attempted to shoot back. Samantha’s lawyer pointed out that Tyrese made more than $2 million in 2018 while claiming to be in financial ruin. Tyrese’s arrogant behavior in the court of law angered the judge.

I don’t do the CFO thing. Here’s a question to you, smart person …

Tyrese didn’t get to finish his sentence when the judge stopped him and said, “you don’t ask questions! That’s not how this works!!” He threatened to hold Tyrese in contempt if he did anything else stupid. Tyrese is now officially single, and he will be investing heavily in his child’s future. That’s how the judge advised him to think about the $10k he’ll be paying in child support in the future.

Tyrese’s court battle with his estranged wife, Samantha Lee Gibson, concluded Tuesday evening in Georgia, with the judge ordering the actor to pay $10,690 in child support every month. The exes have a daughter, Soraya. Perhaps feeling Tyrese’s displeasure, the judge addressed him directly.

This is not a punishment for you. Put that money where it belongs, in the child! The judge also advised Samantha and Tyrese not to bad mouth each other in front of Soraya — and said Tyrese should be happy if his ex moves into a nicer house, because it means a better standard of living for his daughter.

The problem for Tyrese is that the judge ruled the $10k/month goes back to when Samantha originally filed for divorce in September 2020, which means he owes his ex a total of $209k. Tyrese, on the other hand, received a credit since the judge deducted $46k from the lump amount because he had been making Samantha’s auto payments for two years. 

According to the judge, neither party will pay spousal support. That’s precisely what Tyrese wanted, according to the outlet, and he also wanted to keep their Range Rover and give Samantha their Land Rover. That wish was also granted. The very last thing the judge did was grant Samantha’s divorce petition.

Tyrese already pays $10,690 per month in child support to his adolescent daughter, Shayla, who resides in California with his ex-wife, Norma Mitchell. Let’s see if he can manage two payments for child support. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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