Alicia Keys’ versatility as a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, arranger, and producer has been apparent since the beginning of her career. Various media outlets have dubbed Keys the “Queen of R&B.” Alicia also prefers that fans keep their hands to themselves and watch the show.

Fans frequently go a little too close to their favorite performers, but Alicia Keys was openly harassed by affection. Since concertgoers all around the world frequently take advantage of any opportunity to get close to their favorite stars, overly enthusiastic fans are nothing new to the industry. Anything can happen during live concerts, from supporters swarming the stage to front-row admirers stretching as far as their arms will allow.

Busta Rhymes recently came under fire for smacking a woman’s hand away while performing on stage, and then berating the man she was with for allowing the attempt. Now, a video of Alicia Keys was released, in which the singer was seen being grabbed by a fan.

In the video, Keys can be seen singing as she moves through a crowd under surveillance with security at her side. One woman grabbed the singer by the face and laid a lengthy kiss on her cheek while another stroked fans’ hands as she walked by and grinned as they screamed. Keys’ astonished expression could be seen on her face during the incident. She later addressed the interaction.

Trust me, I was like what the F-K!!!!!!!!!! Don’t she know what time it is??? [clock emojis][mind blown emojis].

People being overly at ease with touching others has drawn criticism from the public, particularly at a time when COVID-19 and monkeypox are still an issue. Some others questioned the lack of intervention from security. Check out the video and the fan reactions below.

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