Megan Thee Stallion understands what it’s like to be harassed since the internet can be a cruel place at times. Throughout her mainstream career, the rapper has been embroiled in a number of controversies, including her ongoing court battle with Tory Lanez. The controversies have created a schism among hip-hop fans, but she still has those who will stand behind her until the end. 

Some believed Megan when she said Lanez was the one who shot her, but those who support him are as convinced of his innocence. Kelsey Nicole, Megan’s former best friend, was reportedly at the scene when the rapper was shot two years ago. She is also a person who is frequently overlooked.

There has been a big fallout between Megan and Kelsey, and the remnants of their friendship’s destruction frequently raise their ugly head on social media. Megan and Kelsey engaged in a Twitter and Instagram feud last night, August 29th, calling each other out. Trolls and fans of other rappers quickly chimed in with cruel remarks about Megan’s parents.

Meg’s father died while she was a teenager, and her mother died of cancer only a few years ago. Megan tweeted yesterday, “My parents are dead jokes are so tired.” Fans instantly stepped forward to defend Megan, blaming one specific fan base.

I wish Nicki Minaj would tell her fans to stop mentioning Megan’s dead parents. They are literally the only ones to bring up Megan Thee Stallion’s dead parents.

Nah barbz need to be cancelled fr, i f*ck with nicki as an artist but the fact that she never gets her fans in check is kinda sick and i believe all bad rumors abt her for the simple fact she never checks them, why are they making jokes abt @theestallion parents being dead CRAZY!

Its free game! You cant talk about someone and then not like how people come back at you

All the dead jokes about @theestallion mom really not f*cking funny. These fans be taking things to a real dangerous level. No respect. So sorry meg.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose both parents or to have people make jokes about it to you online. Just having a dead dad has broken my heart. I’m sorry to anyone who has to feel this pain.

Sorry This is happening ..

This time, the joke went a little too far. Obviously, a lot of people agree that it’s not okay to joke about someone’s dead family members. You can check out the reactions below. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

What are your thoughts on the insensitive joke? Let us know in the comments!

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