Johnny Depp just made a comeback as Moonman at the VMAs, his first television appearance since his trial, that has surprised many. However, the VMA attendees have recently claimed that the applause of the crowd when Depp made a surprise appearance was edited into the broadcast.

Depp made his first significant public appearance following the infamous trial last Sunday at the VMAs as the network’s iconic mascot, Moonperson. An astronaut landed from above the stage after an opening performance by Jack Harlow, Fergie, and Lizzo. Depp reappeared again after a commercial ad to make fun of MTV returning to music. Both times, Depp showed up to the applause from the crowd.

However, attendees at the show are now claiming that the audience applause was inserted into the broadcast. They believe that Depp’s appearances were not even presented to the live audience and that any applause was edited, according to a tweet from @liliandaisies, which gathered multiple responses from attendees.

As the segments were released in advance, it doesn’t appear to be in doubt that Depp’s appearances were prerecorded, according to a number of media sources. Therefore, any clapping heard during these parts was most likely also inserted into the broadcast.

In addition to the controversy surrounding Depp’s surprise appearance during the awards show, it’s possible that the show was altered to make it seem as though he was greeted with rousing applause.

As Depp’s portions weren’t shown to the live VMA audience, it’s not known how they would have responded, but considering that Depp has developed a polarising following that includes both devoted supporters and harsh critics, there would have been been a mix of applause and jeers. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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Smita Singha Roy

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