Tekashi 6ix9ine is a well-known controversial figure in the hip-hop world, both online and in person. However, it appears that 6ix9ine has a girlfriend whose antics are as outlandish as his own. She was recently arrested in Miami for domestic violence Following a Fight.

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s girlfriend was arrested this weekend following an argument in Miami that was captured on tape. Rachel Wattley, commonly known as Jade, was arrested on a battery charge connected to domestic violence on Sunday night. She’s being held on $1,500 bail at the Miami-Dade County Jail where 69 says he’s actually trying to bail her out.

According to TMZ, it’s unclear what triggered this. However, in a video acquired by the outlet, Tekashi can be seen facing off with Jade and a group of women on the streets, all while they were outside of a club. At one point, one of the ladies appears to try to swing on the rapper.

As people surrounded Tekashi, he retreated to a luxury ride, and it appears that’s when cops arrived to break up the scene and figure out what was going on. Officers saw Tekashi and Jade being escorted outside and engaging in a verbal argument, according to the police report. As shown in the video, Tekashi departed but when a cop inquired what happened, he supposedly claimed that Jade hit him. They also claimed to have seen marks on him.

According to the officers, they spoke with witnesses who stated Jade hit 69 while inside and even grabbed his chain. Although cops say they saw Tekashi with visible injuries on his face, they also claimed he refused to cooperate with them at all. They still had enough to handcuff Jade and take her to the slammer. The cops claim that the whole incident was captured on surveillance video inside, along with all of the other evidence.

6ix9ine told the outlet that Jade, his girlfriend of four years, attacked him for some reason and that he believes her friends were swaying her. He also believes she was intoxicated.

I’m gonna get her out jail — she attacked me in front of the police I told them, ‘You have to evaluate her she’s obviously under the influence I don’t plan to press charges … I’m the one trying to bail her out.’

He claims her friends abandoned her and he is forced to cope with the aftermath, including getting her out of jail. Let’s see what happens. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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