The upcoming third season of “Young Rock” is already generating quite a bit of buzz. One of the things that fans love most about the sitcom is when wrestlers from the past make an appearance on the show in a reimagined form. More spoilers and notes related to the third season of Young Rock have now surfaced.

When the series starts filming in Memphis, Tennessee, the following month, Chavo Guerrero is back with Young Rock as the designated wrestling coordinator for the project. PW Insider reports that a number of characters that had previously starred in the series, including Roddy Piper, Mankind, The Undertaker, Fred Blassie, and Lou Albano, will be recast as a result of the series moving from Australia to the United States.

The series is now looking for a Liberace actor to portray him from his debut at WrestleMania 1. Additionally, Jeff Cohen from the 1980s, better known as “Chunk” from The Goonies, needs a replacement. Cohen reportedly attended a post-WrestleMania 1 celebration. One of the episodes will focus on WrestleMania 13, when The Rock made his professional wrestling debut by going up against The Sultan.

Chavo Guerrero is back with Young Rock as the official Wrestling Coordinator for the series when it commences filming next month in Memphis, TN.

Due to the series relocating from Australia to The United States, has learned they will be recasting a number of personalities who had previously appeared in the series including Roddy Piper, Mankind, The Undertaker, Fred Blassie, and Lou Albano.  

As we noted last week, the series is currently looking to cast someone to play Liberace to play him from his appearance at WrestleMania 1.  They are also seeking someone to play 80s child actor Jeff Cohen, best known as “Chunk” from The Goonies.  We are told Cohen would be seen at a post-WrestleMania 1 party.

One episode will be based around WrestleMania 13, where The Rock made his debut at that event, facing The Sultan.

In the past, the show has featured several legendary wrestlers. It seems likely that the show’s third season will pick up where the second season left us off, right around WrestleMania 13. Many consider the event to be the highlight of Bret Hart’s career. Here’s to hoping that the upcoming season is just as incredible as the previous ones.

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