R. Kelly’s trial is becoming more complicated by the day. In terms of judging Kelly’s character, there has been a fresh development in the case. Two more of R. Kelly survivors recently claimed that he videotaped them having sex as minors.

R. Kelly’s name has been all over the news in recent memory, as the troubled singer’s federal trial in Chicago proceeds. The Chicago Tribune published the most current courtroom update, which featured testimony from two accusers who said that the R&B singer videotaped them having sex as minors.

The first witness, who testified on August, 29nd, was a 37-year-old woman who used the pseudonym “Pauline.” Pauline was apparently best friends with Kelly’s goddaughter, “Jane,” and when she was 14, she went to the singer’s home to find her friend, only to find Jane “naked, kneeling in front of Kelly.”

“He told me he was just looking for bruises on her, because she hurt herself. I told him that ‘That’s not how you look for bruises’ and he said that’s how he looked for bruises… then he stated that ‘We all have secrets.'”

According to the report, R. Kelly was in the room throughout the hearing, wearing a dark blue suit and keeping his head down, swaying it back and forth while Pauline spoke about things he reportedly said to her concerning secrets.

Pauline, the 55-year-old, insisted on having sexual relations with both him and Jane. After Kelly provided them with booze, hooking up became a frequent occurrence for the three of them “dozens or maybe hundreds of times” from the ages of 14 to 16.

“He had tripods and cameras in the room,” Pauline explained of Kelly’s interest in recording his sexual contacts, adding that he kept them in a gym bag and would record his threesomes with Pauline and another lady, “Brittany.”

Despite the difficulties, Pauline remained in a relationship with Kelly until she was an adult. At the age of 20, she pretended to be Brittany and called the father of three’s studio in search of money.

“Well, he called it extortion, I called it ‘Don’t play with me.’ Girls get mad and say stupid stuff and want to slap you or bust your car windows out. It was just a threat. He knew that. If he didn’t know that he wouldn’t have had me around all these years.”

“I loved him and I still love him. In a weird way, I know you might judge me, but it’s like best friend meets boyfriend meets dad.”

Despite the controversy, Pauline indicated that she still has affection for her alleged abuser. Let’s see how courts respond after hearing Pauline. What is your conclusion as a result of this? Let us know in the comments. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more information.

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