Tom Brady has fans all over the world. Anything associated with him gets sold for no less than tens of thousands of dollars in auctions. Official memorabilia costs a lot more, and one New Jersey man tried to scam his way through acquiring and selling Brady’s forged rings.

Scott Spina Jr. was sentenced to three years in prison after the FBI’s Art Crime team caught him, reports Rolling Stone. The New Jersey man also has to pay $63,000 to Brady as restitution.

The Department of Justice revealed that Spina faked as a former Patriots player in order to get Tom Brady’s ring. He first did it back in 2017, buying a 2016 version of the ring with the alibi that it was for Brady’s relatives. The 2016 rings were available exclusively for Brady’s relatives as gifts.

Spina paid for the ring with a check that bounced and sold the ring to a broker in Orange County, California for $63,000. With the first purchase, he also learned how to get rings for family and friends. The court documents detail this and add that the rings got no authorization from Brady.

The rings were at no time authorized by Tom Brady. Defendant Spina intended to obtain the three rings by fraud and to sell them at a substantial profit.

The 25-year-old proceeded to order three more rings. He got the rings under the pretense that they were gifts for one of Brady’s kids. All the rings came with engravings of Brady’s name. Spina has pleaded guilty to three counts of wire fraud, and one count of mail fraud. He also pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated identity theft for impersonation.

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