50 Cent remains one of the most influential rappers in the history of the hip-hop world. 50 Cent has a vast media empire now but things weren’t always smooth sailing before. Destiny’s Child once booted 50 Cent and Tony Yayo out of the recording space.

In a recent interview with VladTV, Yayo described the incident, saying he and 50 had arrived at the session with some of their Brooklyn friends. That being said, Beyoncé and company found their gangster-like entourage a little difficult to manage. After all, this was at the height of Destiny Child’s fame.

It was a whole bunch of Brooklyn n-s, us in there and the Trackmasters, one of them n-s came in there and was like, ‘Yo, we thugging them out.’ This was when they was Destiny’s Child, the first time. They had that song, ‘A thug’s what I want,’ that’s 50 and Beyoncé.

50 always liked the Brooklyn n-s ’cause back then, the Brooklyn n-s wouldn’t care … Them n-s would get on a train with the hammers. Brooklyn n-s, they fresh and fly like a muthaf-ka, but back then it was the grimy Brooklyn in the ’90s, like scars on their face, big ass .357. ‘Yeah, I need to rob a n-a.’

Although the former G-Unit rapper wouldn’t specify the precise timing of the session, it was probably around the time that 50 collaborated with Destiny’s Child on the Power of the Dollar song “Thug Love” in 1999. The record was going to have a music video, but just three days before filming, 50 was shot nine times.

That wasn’t 50 Cent’s only run-in with a Destiny’s Child performer. 50 talked about the time Beyoncé pressed him in Las Vegas as he was introducing JAY-Z, believing he was attempting to scare her then-boyfriend, during an appearance with The Breakfast Club earlier this month.

50 said Bey leaped down from a window ledge and was “ready” to fight him, while admitting the whole experience took him completely off-guard. You may check out the video below.

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