Aaron Rodgers has been quite frank about his experiences playing in the NFL. While some fans don’t enjoy Rodgers’ honesty, others believe the Green Bay Packers star is doing the league a tremendous favor by speaking up and telling the league they love some hard truths.

For instance, Rodgers went on Joe Rogan’s podcast recently and spoke about the painkillers he took early in his career. The Packers quarterback noted, the NFL would make opioids widely available for players and that one time, he ended up playing a game while on Percocet. While it wasn’t a high enough dose to get intoxicated on, Rodgers claimed that it was a terrible idea.

“The pain management, especially with our sport, is fascinating to see how things are ‘treated.’ I use quotations on treated because, up until probably a decade ago, it was easily accessible to get oxy, Percocet, Vicodin, whatever you wanted. You played [on painkillers], definitely, [I played] on Percocet. It was more for pain management, so I wasn’t taking any high dosage, but stupid, ultimately.”

Rodgers continued by saying that although the NFL’s painkiller policy has improved significantly, but there is still room for improvement. In any case, it is still incredible to learn that one of the league’s top players was using Percocet while playing. Overall, it’s not a great look for the league. 

Elsewhere on the podcast, Aaron also addressed his vaccine controversy from last year. The reigning NFL MVP has been an increasing public proponent of natural medicine. He took flak last season for famously misleading journalists by saying he was “immunized” for COVID-19 when he had not taken a vaccine. When it became public knowledge that Rodgers was unvaccinated, he said he sought alternative treatments.

Additionally, the league apparently dubbed Aaron a conspiracy theorist when he disputed the notion that those who have received vaccinations can’t get sick or spread the virus, which is now known to be true. You can check it all out below. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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